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3 Ways To Maximize Your Business Cards

Front Of Business Card Example

Make The Most Out Of Your Business Cards

You’re going through all the time and energy to design your business cards for your epoxy business, you want to make sure they will be not only memorable but informative when you hand them out to prospects. We have curated unique, proven ways that will improve your business cards so that when you share them you have more chances of being remembered and contacted. Check out our tips to see helpful key features that will elevate your business card from all the rest! 

  1. Use Bright & Clean, Complementary Colors

Sometimes a sleek business card such as simple white or grey will suffice, if designed correctly or if it’s printed on high-quality paper/ gloss. If your epoxy company’s brand is modern and professional, then it would make sense to do a modern, minimalistic card, without any loud colors. However, if your logo is colorful, or you truly want to be remembered, it is recommended to use 1-2 colors that go well together. This doesn’t mean you need the neon colors of the ’80s to be all over your card, but even using pops of color will truly show that you put effort into your business cards and are more eye-catching overall. Besides, you’re an epoxy installer… show off that you have a little artist in you with some color!

2. Show Examples Of Your Services

In an industry where there are so many different types of floors, one sure way to capture your prospect’s attention is to have easy-to-view pictures directly on your business card. Epoxy installation does not narrow down to one specific floor type. Whether your prospect is looking for a decorative metallic floor or a functional quartz floor, it is important to have your services listed on your business card, along with some photos. This makes it much easier for your prospects and will also save you time.

3. Insert a QR Code

By having a QR (quick-response) code on your business page you can easily direct traffic toward your website. A QR Code is a unique bar code that is used to provide easy access to online information through the digital camera on a smartphone or tablet. Simply put, someone would need to “take a picture” of your QR code, and by doing so they would be led to your website in a matter of seconds! This is a wonderful, extremely professional way to simplify the life of your prospect so they can easily get to your website to read more information about what you’re offering, without having to sit there and type in your domain.

Example Back of Card

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